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Lizza at Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival

North-Texas based singer-songwriter Lizza Connor joins Pat Benetar, Wynonna & the Big Noise, Kansas and other musical acts onstage at the upcoming Wildflower! Art & Music Festival. Lizza is an award-winning artist and songwriter whose latest release, Commander Salamander, encourages healthy lifestyle for families through fun, original songs. Wildflower! is one of the area’s most recognized and anticipated musical events held at Galatyn Park in Richardson, Texas.  

Lizza brings her interactive, one-of-a-kind live performance to the Kidz Corner on May 16 and 17, 2015 providing a special event show that kids and grown ups can enjoy together.wildflower


Library Love


A big thanks to the wonderful and hardworking librarians across the world for stocking Lizza's new CD, Commander Salamander, in your Children's entertainment section!

New CD reviews

Thanks to dad blog Mr. Jeff 2000 for this kind review of Commander Salamander:

"The under-five set may want to play [this CD] repeatedly. Our 2 1/2 year old is delighted every time I bring home a recently-reviewed CD and announce, "This one's for Matt." No doubt he will be enchanted by Lizza Connor's latest offering."

Read the full review here:



Parent's Choice Award Winner!

So honored that the Parents' Choice Foundation has chosen Commander Salamander as an award winner, placing it among the very best of children's music! Big thanks to all the wonderful musicians who played on the record with Lizza! The band is: producer Nomad Ovunc, Scott Miller, Mare Wakefield, Kasey McCormick, Jodi Seyfried and David Henry. 

OFFICIAL CD RELEASE DAY! Lots of news to share...

Today is the official release day for Lizza's new CD, Commander Salamander. Thanks everyone who pre-ordered the CD back in November, and all the new folks who are supporting original kids music in the new year. Cool stuff going on!

Lakewood Advocate Magazine features Lizza's new CD, record label and live show.


Lizza Live on "Texas Living"- New Video up!

Check out Lizza's interview here:


And watch her perform "The Safe-Ti Song"

Lizza Live on 'Texas Living'

So much fun playing songs from "Commander Salamander" today on Texas Living TV show! Will post the clips from the show soon. Pictured with entertainment guru Steve, and hosts Kimberly and Hilary.

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